Hi, do you know Beeta Vahdat?

I need your help.

My book, The Business of Influence, comes out with Wiley in April. That means the proofs go to press 24th February, and the URL to the book's accompanying website will be writ therein. And what better URL could one have than thebusinessofinfluence.com?

The problem is, this domain is registered. According to a whois lookup, the name of the owner is Beeta Vahdat, a "principal of IMANI Communication Design" living in the Melbourne, Australia area. Ms. Vahdat does not appear to be using the domain name, so I'd like to see if I can buy it from her... if only I could get in touch.

I wonder, do you know anyone in Melbourne you might ask? Perhaps you live in Melbourne. Perhaps you live in Melbourne and work in the same line of business (note to self to email Trevor Young immediately after this post). If so, I'd love you to ping your network and point them here to explain my predicament. There's a free book in it! :-)

Thanks in advance, Philip.