We have a super mix of posts for you this week. In fact the reason we send this weekly roundup on a Friday is because we think more people make some time to read about their industry towards the end of the week.

And in a converging profession, that awareness can prove critical in securing that new business opportunity, and in maintaining the business you have.

PR consultants should have a good grasp of search engine optimisation. SEOs should get the heads round mobile apps. Mobile digital pros may well do better stuff with training in advertising. And advertisers should be looking to learn PR skills.

Well, you get the idea.

At the end of the day we're all trying to influence others to prefer our goods and services over others', and to align their thinking more closely with ours, and to act as evangelists for us. And we should all be trying harder to be influenced by our publics too, so we increase our chances of our developing empathy successfully, and therefore products and services and thinking and acting that more closely align with our publics' expectations and needs.

Best regards, Philip and the MarCom Professional team.

Measuring digital PR

by Kate Hartley of Carrot Communications

The PRCA invited me to give a short presentation for one of its series of ‘Expert Briefings’ yesterday, this time on measuring digital, hosted by Ketchum Pleon. Up in the firing line with me were Fernando Rizo, head of digital at Ketchum Pleon, and Kristin Wadge, a director at Metrica. Although the three of us have quite varied clients, we all pretty much said the same core things:

Metrics have to have real meaning to the business: they must be things we can learn from, and feed back into the development / strategy process. More...

What Brands Can Learn From AC-DC

by Trevor Young PR Warrior of Parkyoung

Australia’s greatest musical export AC-DC recently returned to home soil for a major sell-out tour.

These guys are simply amazing. Still rocking after all these years, packing in the crowds year after year after year. Who would have thought  the band would still be one of the biggest rock acts in the world some 35 years after their formation in Australia in 1974?

POP QUIZ: What was the first gig AC-DC played? (check the answer at the bottom of the post!).

Let’s face it, any brand would kill for AC-DC’s longevity, their cross-generational appeal and the fanatical fan base that continues to buy their product year in, year out. More...

Less Advertising for Social Media Companies

by David H Deans of Digital Lifescapes

In the few short years that social media marketing has been prevalent, it has already had an enormous effect on the way companies do business online and off-line.

In the coming years there will be even more changes, as social media marketing extends from the marketing department to nearly every aspect of a company's business operations.

eMarketer senior analyst Debra Aho Williamson outlines several trends to watch in the coming years. "Advertising -- which some might say has already failed as a business model -- will not be the primary revenue driver for social media companies," More...

ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media

by Brian Solis of PR 2.0

What follows is the entire version of my recent post on Mashable, “The Maturation of Social Media ROI“

Over the years, Social Media experts attempted to redefine ROI for a new era of influence. While some introduced alternative philosophies for measuring the nuances tied to social media, others wondered aloud whether ROI simply wasn’t necessary as the tools and methodologies for analyzing yields didn’t yet exist. And furthermore, by focusing on justification and metrics, we were distracted from the primary objective of building relationships and cultivating dialogue. More...

Reputation Online: ‘Blogging is broken’

by Stephen Waddington of Speed Communications

Here’s an article that I’ve written for Reputation Online based on the content from the corporate blogging workshop that I ran last week at the CIPR Reputation Management conference. More...

The smut is back on the table

by si crowhurst of We Love Mobile

So, Apple are allowing naughtiness back on their App Store, hey?

What a turn up for the books. At We Love Mobile Towers we are delighted with this fine move.

Because we are part of the dirty mac brigade? Well, not publicly.

The issue here is that, when Apple made that epoch defining move into the mobile world, they provided something that we mobilists had been screaming out for.


A platform that has fixed rules, that has standards, that has an entire ecosystem all set up and ready to go. More...

Time Spent on Social Networks up 82% Around the World

by Brian Solis of PR 2.0

Nielsen recently released a new report that officially documents what many of us already know, just never substantiated through data. According to a study published at the end of January 2010, Nielsen observed the online social activity of consumers around the world and discovered an 82% increase in time spent on social networking sites in December 2009. On average, users spent more than five and a half hours on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In December 2008, users clocked just over three hours on social networking sites. More...

Scribe puts an SEO expert in your WordPress site

by Katy Barrilleaux of Lead Maverick, Inc.

When it comes to optimizing web content for search engines, there’s a lot to know, a lot to remember, and it’s always changing it seems. Wouldn’t it be great to have an SEO expert review your web content and tell you what keywords it is optimized for? And how to improve the search engine optimization of that copy? And then tell you if the improvements you made actually did improve the content’s SEO?

The folks at Scribe have built a tool that does all this and more — More...