What did we talk about before the current intergalactic financial burp and the rise and rise of Twitter? Just as recently as 2008, you could actually meet people quite regularly who had never heard of twitter outside the context of birdsong, but not now.

So "how to" and "for idiots" and "the ninety nine things you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask" guides now abound, which is kind of odd for anyone who was around before the hashtag and just had to sort of fumble around like teenagers discovering a new genre of music and the opposite sex at the local youth club.

Nevertheless, these things are invaluable for mass market adoption, and Ben Matthews points us to five of the best. Top marks for most attention grabbing presentation title goes to Radian6 for "Become a Twitter Ninja".

Best regards, Philip and the MarCom Professional team.

SEO, Public Relations and Offline Marketing - Yes, You Need All Three

by Mindy Gofton of I-COM International

Yesterday, via a tweet by @craigmcginty I was directed to a blog post by @jedhallam recommending that public relations experts should start making use of SEO for their clients. My issue with the blog post was that Jed suggested that SEO is a "technique" to be applied to help public relations efforts, and that he didn't seem to have a full understanding of what search engine optimisation consultants really do for their clients.

The main issues on the table as I see them are:

Are More...

Death of push marketing and employees as brand advocates

by Stephen Waddington of Rainier PR

"We’re living through an industrial revolution for the first time in a lifetime for anyone over 60 years old. All the rules are changing. Its no wonder everything feels a little crazy at times." In his London session this afternoon Seth Godin sounded the death knell for push marketing as he pulled content from his books Meatball Sundae and Tribes.

"Social networks enable everyone in an organisation to become a brand advocate. In the future individual employees will be an organisations most powerful sales and marketing resource. More...

Facebook and the Reality of Your Online Content

by Brian Solis of PR 2.0

Shot at SXSWi 2008

A few news outlets reached out to me for comment regarding the uproar sparked by the recent change to Facebook's Terms of Service (ToS). It inspired a public response as I am not only someone who spends a significant amount of time in the online social field studying digital anthropology and new marketing, I'm also a willing participant in and contributor to the Facebook economy.

So, why is everyone upset?

When you read the new ToS, it's actually quite alarming... More...

New free whitepaper will help PR and marketing professionals kick start or improve online PR programmes

by Andrew Smith of escherman

Hot off the digital press today is a new whitepaper from Daryl Willcox Publishing entitled “Online PR in action – an introduction to implementing and measuring a digital PR programme.” I have a very personal interest in this - I wrote it. Within the confines of a 4000 word whitepaper, we’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible - but clearly, all feedback will be appreciated. Let the conversation begin (see below for press release): PR and marketing professionals looking to kick start or improve their online communications programmes now have a valuable new free guide thanks to the publication today of the latest whitepaper from Daryl Willcox Publishing (DWPub). More...

Corporate Australia Cops a 'Bloody Nose' in Edelman's Latest 'Trust' Findings

by Trevor Young of One19

Further to a previous post TRUST: The Elusive Commodity Worth its Weight in Gold (and then some) -- here is some more damning evidence that companies are fast losing the respect of the people who matter most to their business - consumers.PR firm Edelman has just released the Australian results of its 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual study that takes the pulse of consumers' views of government and big business (My previous post on this subject looked at the Trust Barometer's global findings). More...

Why Cutting Print Budgets Means Cutting Online Sales

by David Knowles of

Some marketers have been sounding the death knell of print for years. After all, why waste money printing out 1000s of catalogues and leaflets when people can get all the info they need from your website? The idea that print is dying is particularly convenient now we’re in the midst of a recession. Many companies are desperately bailing for survival and jettisoning costs wherever they can, with glossy brochures among the first to be shown the plank. However, what companies need to be aware of, before binning their printed brochures and catalogues altogether, is the ‘flick and click’ More...

Telecom TV at Mobile World Congress on Mobile Advertising

by Andrew Grill of Gigafone

On Monday 16th February at Mobile World Congress, Telecom TV held one of their Main Agenda sessions on  Mobile Advertising - posing the question: “What role can Mobile Advertising play as operators seek to finance consumer data applications? What makes us think that users want or will tolerate advertising as part of their already expensive mobile contracts?”

Martyn Warwick from Telecom TV moderated the debate between

Tanya Field, Head of Mobile Internet, Telefonica O2
Henry Stevens, Director of Media and Entertainment, GSMA
Andrew Grill, Head of Business Development, Gigafone

See the 14 minute program below. More...

5 Top Twitter Presentations

by Ben Matthews of Pudding Relations

Twitter has become more and more popular of late, but those who start out using the micro-blogging service always seem unsure of exactly what it is or how it works. Even if you’ve been using it a while there are still plenty of other tips, tricks and tools to discover all of the time. One of the best ways to share these is through video (see the excellent Twitter in Plain English video), but another really useful way to share these ideas is via slideshows.

There’s been a number of excellent presentations on Twitter appear recently, so thanks to the lovely slideshow sharing website Slideshare, I’ve collated some of the best here for you to enjoy. More...

Everyone is a Publisher...and Why this Really Matters

by Joe Pulizzi of Junta42

Thanks to BoSacks for passing over this Time article on Content Becoming a Pauper.

The story is worth the read, but here is a little snippet that sums up the author's point. As you can tell, he is taking the viewpoint on the value of content as it pertains to traditional media companies.

"The value of content has never been ethereal. It has always been directly tied to what owners could 'get' for it, either through advertisers or subscribers. For content to have a value, it could never be free. More...