Three great sites to play with from a professional perspective, and an intriguing game from a non-professional perspective :-)


"Daylife is a news site and distribution platform that organizes the world’s news into a rich landscape of related stories and images of every size and perspective.

Designed to enable new ways to present and explore the world of news, Daylife gathers news from thousands of sources worldwide for you to:

  • Discover news and related perspectives from across the world
  • Explore connections between stories and topics
  • Dive into stories from photos and quotes in the news
  • Track the coverage of virtually any topic

The pages are highly visual, easy to read, continuously updated, and endlessly clickable. Start from a story on the home page, or enter a search term."


"Particls helps you track your favourite sites, topics and apps by displaying desktop alerts for important changes.

The web is just too big. No one has time to keep track of all the sites and topics that interest them. We all have real work to do and lives to live!

So what if you could subscribe to the sites and topics you like best and be notified when there is new information. Particls even works out how important the new information is to you and displays a proportional alert.

For example, general information can be displayed on a great looking desktop sidebar, important stuff might appear on a popup alert and urgent information coul d be SMS'd to your phone.

Think of it like a highly advanced widget or filtered feed reader."

" is the best way to discover the people, places and conversations in your community [US only].

Enter your city, neighborhood, or zip code in the field below the map (on the home page), and start exploring your community. We've designed to be the best resource online for:

  • Keeping up with news and opinions in your neighborhood
  • Finding out the inside scoop on local places or events: schools, new real estate developments, playgrounds, bars
  • Meeting interesting new neighbors, and sharing your local knowledge with them."


Thanks to my niece for introducing me to Bloxorz.  33 levels. They get harder.