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Friday Roundup: Thanks for your permission

Thanks for your permission to email you with the Friday Roundup today.

It's been over a decade since Seth Godin published Permission Marketing and as the Wikipedia entry for the book and the term says, the undesirable opposite of permission marketing is interruption marketing. In short, if you have to interrupt me without my permission in order to attract my attention, then all you've done is distracted me from what I was otherwise interested in. And if you do that, you simply risk putting your brand on the back foot as a result.

I've been interrupted a lot this week.

Downton AbbeyFirstly there was the first episode of this season's must-watch period TV drama on British TV (I know, but what can I say, I like them!) Downton Abbey has the perfect stoneware pudding bowl full of characters and plot lines, but it also had something else in abundance, and to a saturation uncommon for Britain, adverts. The Guardian was none too pleased either.

Second, how many of you enjoy those ads that take up your entire browser when all you want is the content? I've been counting... 9 this week.

Third, I followed a link to a video a friend said I'd like. Unfortunately, I don't know if I do because I had no intention waiting for a 60 second car advert to show, particularly as I've just bought a car and I wasn't interested in the marque interrupting me anyway.

Surely there must be better ways to connect marketers and content. I know the adverts pay for the dramas we love, but I won't be watching any of the ads now; I'll 'time-shift' episode 2. Better four classy, memorable one-minute adds in the hour than seven bundles of hectic 30-second rubbish. I'd watch it live then.

And this all goes to show that I can empathise just a little with those poor journalists on the receiving end of so-called PR spam. Non-relevant interruptions to their day caused by the spray-and-pray practices of the lesser practitioner. If this matter concerns you, if you don't want to be annoying the very people you hope to influence, do check out the Media Spamming Charter published this week by the CIPR, PRCA and IRS. If you know what's good for business, do make sure your PR team subscribes to it and has the discipline to stick to it.

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An interview with Seth Godin – PR not publicity

Seth Godin

Seth Godin - www.flickr.com/photos/joi/4035933108/

Seth Godin is a perceptive individual. He spots things the rest of us are too busy to see, and then lets us know about them in an easily-digestible format. Sounds like a cracking formula for a best-selling author if you ask me... and of course he is.

With a dozen titles to his name, including Tribes, Meatball Sundae, perhaps most famously Permission Marketing, and most recently Linchpin, interviewing Seth was always going to be both entertaining and insightful.

Interview with Seth Godin

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