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Mobile World Congress – devices every marketer should know about


Despite the recent follies of the bankers, business remains business and technology marches onwards. And at this year's Mobile World Congress the mobile industry is putting the user front and centre in every effort to differentiate one from another.

Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Faster. Easier. And most of all, as user-friendly as can be.


This colourful image is a bank of Samsung Omnia's demonstrating their bright OLED screens. I'd like to show you one of their new devices but photography was not permitted. What a crazy decision. This is a SHOW. There are many journalists and bloggers here and Samsung tells us photography is not allowed... it can only make anyone think that the Samsung team has no idea about social media marketing!

I spotted a marketing innovation from Qualcomm Mediaflo... a technology to stream data to mobile devices predominantly for video applications such as real-time TV. Rather than interrupt viewing with the same adverts for all viewers, one of their latest innovations allows a different set of adverts to be delivered based on rudimentary user segmentation. Read more

Influence Scorecard update


Whilst the volume of responses to the Influence Scorecard has been amazing and very encouraging, for a topic so closely related to the Social Web, I've been astonished at the number of responses by email rather than, well, more socially!

Nevertheless, I'm far from ungrateful of course. Indeed, "Thank you". And I'd like to take time here to shout out specifically to the following social web analytics specialists for their support, and then I've added some reciprocal blog links...

Nielsen Online, TNS Cymfony, J.D. Power Umbria, Clarabridge, Influencer50, Techrigy, Brandwatch, dna13, VMSInfo, Radian6, Integrasco, BuzzLogic, MotiveQuest,  RepuMetrix, Andiamo, CIC, Attentio, Scout Labs.


Where you've come back with questions, they have been about two aspects in general... definitions and events. Read more

Readius at Mobile World Congress

Following my earlier post from the Mobile World Congress, another gadget update...

Philips spun off Polymer Vision in 2006, and February last year the company announced that their first product would be the Readius. At this year's show, the company demonstrated the final commercial product for the first time. Slated for a "mid-08" launch, it will be very interesting to observe how retail categorises the device, and its rate of uptake.

Is it a phone? No. Is it an eBook; well yes I guess, but not in the same vein as Amazon's Kindle or the Reader Digital Book from Sony.

The Readius measures just 75mm x 21mm x 15mm closed, sufficiently compact to slip in a breast pocket or a handbag's phone pocket with ease. Well, unless you store your phone there of course. But the screen (aka epaper) has to be seen to be believed. It is so un-screen like that I assumed at first I was looking at a mock-up! It's pretty damn fascinating, and considerably more akin to the pleasure and ease of reading paper than looking at a LCD. Read more

Mobile World Congress: Tech news and the implications for marketers

There were no female passengers on the plane. I kid you not. It could only mean I was headed for a gadget fest.

The 2008 Mobile World Congress is buzzing. No signs of a recession here. It’s particularly buzzing about, yet without mentioning, a company that's not even here. Apple.


Whilst official company statements make no comparison between Sony Ericsson's 10 new phones and the iPhone, Samsung's 8 new phones and the iPhone, or Nokia's 4 new phones and the iPhone, the overarching message is clear. The market will not coalesce on one style of phone. Variety is the spice of life. So up yours Apple.

The mobile phone, or “device” more generically, ranks amongst people's most personal possessions. It’s up there with your wallet and keys on leaving your front door, and the variations of mobile device will continue to be as diverse as the variations in everything else we consider personal. Clothes. Cars. Furniture.

Mobile devices will never share the same hardware platform, or the same software platform, but they do universally represent the greatest and most enticing conduit to the end-customer the marketer has ever known. For both B2B and B2C, for advertising, interactive dialogue and customer engagement. Read more