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Share This Too

Share This TooEver since we started the CIPR Social Media Panel we've been a pro-active bunch. I haven't got the stats to prove it, but I'd bet the panel is the most active CIPR group. We launched the successful "Social Summer" sessions, developed Wikipedia guidance (subsequently adopted by equivalent organisations in Canada, Australia and South Africa), created CIPR TV, published the CIPR Social Media Guidance, updated the CIPR's own social policy, published the CIPR Guide to Social Media Monitoring, and much more.

Social Summer was the genesis for the 2012 book, Share This, currently listed by Amazon amongst its UK Top 50 books in the PR category, and US Top 100. (Note to Amazon: PR is not a subsidiary discipline of Marketing, so the PR category should not be subsidiary to the Sales & Marketing category.)

Having had the distinct pain of editing Share This, Stephen Waddington demonstrated his masochistic side by proposing a follow up this year. Fortunately, Rob Brown volunteered as co-editor, and tonight is the launch party at the British Library of Share This Too.

Here's the blurb from the CIPR:

"The book is split into 33 chapters over eight topic areas, covering the future of public relations, audiences and online habits, conversations, new channels, new connections, professional practice, business change and opportunities for the public relations industry, and future-proofing the public relations industry.

"Each chapter has been contributed by one of the foremost experts in the given subject area, and the foreword for the book is from Brian Solis, digital analyst and author of What’s the Future of Business (WTF).

"Share This Too has been edited by CIPR Board Members Rob Brown and Stephen Waddington with contributions from Dominic BurchRobin WilsonGed CarrollKate MatlockAdam ParkerMark PackSharon O’DeaPaul FabrettiMichael LitmanRussell GoldsmithStephen DaviesScott SeabornDan TyteMatt ApplebyKevin RuckHanna BashaChris NortonBecky McMichaelRachel MillerStuart BruceRichard BaileyJane WilsonJulio RomoJed HallamKaty HowellGemma GriffithsPhilip SheldrakeRichard Bagnall Drew BenvieAndrew Smith and Simon Collister."

Share This, and Share This Too. Photo by Stephen Waddington.

Friday Roundup: I’d like to quote you

I'd like to quote you.

Without doubt, the marketing and PR professions are in revolutionary flux right now. I reckon that if we didn't have these disciplines to date but just realised here and now that we actually wanted to influence what people think and do, and ensure we're influenced straight back, that we'd design things very much differently to the status quo we've inherited.

I'm delighted that Wiley has invited me to write a book on just this topic. It's going to focus on the much needed transformation of marketing and PR strategies, and the related disciplines in the influence mix, for the current and future digital age.

The book explains what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s coming up. It points to the changes of direction organisations and individual practitioners must pursue to remain relevant.

And in the spirit of a marketer honing a product’s positioning, I’ll tell you what this book is not. This book is not a social media ‘how to’. Rather, it's about your organisation, your profession and your career. As with all changes to the competitive landscape, the earliest adapters will secure competitive advantage for their organisation and personal careers, whilst the laggards will suffer competitive disadvantage. And quickly.

I'd like to quote you. Please do get in touch if you'd like to share your viewpoint and experiences... the book will only be improved by your contributions. Seriously, do it!

And if you're interested in the bit about what's coming up, I'm running a session this coming Thursday in London at the CIPR on the Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things if you'd like to join us.

Best regards, Philip and the MarCom Professional team. Read more