[Originally written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.]

The 2007 report from the Arthur W. Page Society, The Authentic Enterprise, identified four new leadership priorities and skills demanded of the Chief Communications Officer:

  • Leadership in defining and instilling company values
  • Leadership in building and managing multi-stakeholder relationships
  • Leadership in enabling the enterprise with ‘new media’ skills and tools; and
  • Leadership in building and managing trust, in all its dimensions.

Building Belief - Arthur W Page SocietyThe report marked the beginning of a rethink at the Society that culminated last year in Building Belief: A New Model.

I'm a fan of the Society and made sure to reference the four leadership priorities in my book The Business of Influence. I'm slightly obsessed with defining the role, skills and traits of CCOs, if only because this matter appears to be mission critical when it comes to making an organisation fit for the 21st Century. If you share this interest, do take time to familiarise yourself with Building Belief if you haven't already done so.

As we approach the first anniversary of Building Belief, I'm very interested in gathering reports of the model in practice, particularly as it complements aspects of the Six Influence Flows model. If you have a story to tell in this regard, do please drop me a line.

Arthur W. Page Society Chairman, Jon Iwata, on Building Belief