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Influence in the age of the social web – keynote to EUPRERA

It's a beautiful sunny Spring day here at the EUPRERA Spring Symposium in Lisbon. It's my first time at this gathering of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association – the forum for innovative PR research and education – and I'm delighted to have been invited to deliver the keynote.

Thanks to Philip Young and David Phillips for the invitation. Here's the slidestack. I was a bit surprised to get a slide count of 77, but 16 of the slides present the infographic 'Content – An illustrated history', which is easy to breeze through :-)

Friday Roundup – the social Web bigger than social media

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by David Meerman Scott recently for his next book. (Do you know that "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" has been translated into 24 languages?!)

David had just been speaking at Dow Jones' launch of their new Media Relations Manager, and like all accomplished speakers he conveyed some serious points of view interspersed with the more light-hearted observations (the one about "Who are hell are these people?!" got people laughing).

We spent most of our time talking about the Influence Scorecard (see my post this week) and the expansion of "social". By this I mean that the social Web is bigger than social media, even though the terms are often treated as synonyms. The social Web encompasses social (non-traditional / non-industrial) media, but also applications such as Tweetdeck and iPhone apps, services such as social assisted search and location-based services, and the network itself... which is becoming the Internet of Things. Read more