My recent post "Where's your brain at? Where's your consultancy at?" was prompted by a fascinating discussion at the CIPR Social Summer session on the 1st July at which we debated aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the PR profession's paralysing hesitancy to grasp the SEO nettle.

Well personally I'm excited not paralysed, and I keep a beady eye on great information sources such as SEOmoz and Search Engine Watch, and I'm posting today to highlight a couple of posts I've just found.

seomoz logoRand Fishkin, SEOmoz's CEO, has written a super perspective that should be read by everyone interested in the ebb and flow of the SEO world, particularly as it relates to activity one might consider to be in the PR domain. "The Death and Rebirth of Editorial Citation on the Web" identifies three epoques to date of web linking activity: Read more