You’ve just graduated and you’re looking for your first job in public relations.  Your first interview is approaching, and you want to make the second interview stage, of course!  You visit the company’s website, polish your shoes and get to their offices half an hour too early :-)

Now what?  Can you talk about your approach to press releases?  No.  Can you discuss case studies?  No.  Can you describe the work environment in which you’ll thrive?  Not articulately, without work experience.  Should the interviewer really ask you any of these?  No.  So what goes on beyond the “Tell me about yourself” opener?  How should you prepare?

Here’s my list of questions you should be prepared for, and the kind of questions you should consider asking.  Actually, I’ve just made my co-directors a nice cup of tea to persuade them to contribute to this list too, so thanks to Blaise and Jay.

Questions you should prepare for

“Tell me about yourself.”

A gift. A lovely open question inviting you to present your best facets.  If you can’t represent yourself in response to a question like this, then the interviewer will really wonder how you can represent their clients! Read more