PR Week podcast screenshot

The title of this post is one of my contributions to the recent PR Week video podcast on measurement where I was a guest alongside SpectrumInsight's Mark Westaby. PR Week's Sara Luker was in the chair, and it was fifteen minutes of good conversation.

As I say upfront, I'm a bit more optimistic than Mark about the future of the measurement and accountability of public relations, if only because I have faith in the Influence Scorecard approach.

For some reason only understood by PR Week I'm sure, the video cannot be embedded here, or indeed on PR Week's website. Not very social of them! It stands alone over on Brightcove, but you can click here to go and watch it now.

The accompanying article in PR Week is: "Measurement in PR has not changed in 20 years, say PROs". (PR Week may stop you reaching the article if you're not a subscriber, but at the time of writing any article on is accessible if you search for the title on Google and then click the relevant search result.)