So Ofcom has given the BBC the go ahead to start a high definition channel later this year.  Whilst I recognise that anything the BBC does these days has to be scrutinised for "public value" by the BBC trust, but this decision also had to be reviewed by Ofcom with the purpose of assessing the marketing impact.

Ofcom has concluded that the launch of the free-to-air channel is "unlikely to have significant negative market impacts".

As we embark on the digital switchover between now and 2012, I remain flabberghasted that we didn't seize the opportunity to transition to HD digital rather than just plain old standard-definition digital.  If there's one thing this country still leads the world on, it's telly; and we missed a prime opportunity here.  So I'm delighted that Ofcom has reached the right decision here.

Now all we need them to do is dedicate the spectrum freed up when the analogue TV signal is switched off to Freeview high-definition broadcasting.   Let's not get proprietary about this.  Let's not fall behind the rest of Europe.  As it is, we run the risk of being the least HD-ready nation in Western Europe when we host the Olympics in 2012, which is just slightly embarrassing.

Why not extend the pink tick accreditation, currently awarded to digital TV devices, so that they have to be digital HD devices?

And in case you were wondering, I believe the BBC is brilliant; one I'd pay my licence fee for if only for the Today programme.