Here at Racepoint we've been thinking about the ramifications of one of my previous posts, "Continuous engagement... the death of market research". A particular area of interest is the way in which we might help companies interact with stakeholders other than via text-based media.

Yes, I know there's the telephone too, but following the tenet that restricting the channel can only restrict the quantity and quality of interaction, how else can we reach out and engage?

We have no definite answers yet, but I thought I'd share some of the visual / graphic tools we have taken a look at. In particular, I'd love to know if anyone out there has any experience of or perspectives on this genre of tools.


The first up is Sketchcast. A simple but unexpectedly enticing (or is that just me?) concept. Here's a sketch demonstrating my artistic capabilities...

Imagination Cubed

An experiment from GE, Imagination Cubed is a simple and compelling service that permits up to three people to collaborate on a diagram.


Adopting a more formal approach than Sketchcast and Imagination Cubed, Gliffy is more of the ilk of productivity software ported to the Web. In this vein, perhaps we can expect similar innovation from ThinkFree, Zoho and Google Docs in the future?