What a lovely thing to see at the start of the New Year, particularly this one! A photo of a loved tabby cat under the word "Found" rather than "Lost".


And a thank you message to neighbours for the help they may have given in recovering said cat... I knew immediately that I'd take a picture of it and write a blog post.


Why did the cat's owner feel compelled to go back to her PC, bring up the "Lost" file, edit to "Found", print it, go outside and staple it to the tree? On the face of it, he or she obviously really loves that cat and might not have had anything else to do with her time... but that's being cynical. Oddly enough, I now feel more compelled to check my garden and outbuildings next time someone posts up a "Lost" poster because I've been thanked in advance. I know someone really cares.

It has also made me think about what our company and clients could say to our public, our neighbours, with this unusual case study in mind... with altruistic intent or more simply for 'feelgood'.

How about you and yours?