I posted "'Earned media' is not a synonym for public relations" late last night. One of the points I made in the post is that a PR campaign may well involve advertising, as odd as the application of the misguided Paid Owned Earned media taxonomy may make people think this might be.

And then I stumbled across this beautiful ad by the Friends of the Earth in the Financial Times today, literally identifying elements of a Daily Telegraph article they consider to be flawed or indeed down right incorrect. I would classify this as an attempt by Friends of the Earth to achieve mutual understanding with stakeholders; as public relations.

It's a great ad. But I would have appreciated it more had it been easier to share with you. I can't find it online anywhere, so had to resort to taking a photo and uploading it here. Come on Friends of the Earth! :-)

Advert by Friends of the Earth in the FT, 23rd April 2012