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Tell us about an ad you've come across and loved today

This was the question I posed upfront at the Convergence Conversation I chaired last night. The topic of the conversation – “Advertising and the impact of convergence”, and a topic sufficiently compelling to attract 80 people on a summer’s evening.

Deloitte kindly hosted us, with Jolyon Barker, their Head of TMT, kicking off proceedings, and Knowledge and Research Director Paul Lee presenting an overview of their third “The state of the Media Democracy Survey”. One of the reports main findings is that, following a survey of 2000 Brits, 60% regard their computer to be the premier entertainment device, relegating TV to second place. Not an inconsequential finding for the advertising industry.

Which begged a second question “What is TV?”, and this garnered more responses than my first question of the evening, which went uncomfortably unanswered. How could such a simple question about describing a great ad, particularly when we have hundreds every day to chose from, draw such a blank response? (I've posted here one of a series of ads from Lloyds TSB that I loved because they tell a story rather than simply hit me over the head with a product.) Read more

Advertising in the Age of Convergence 25th Oct 2007

Part of Intellect's Convergence Conversation series, the next one is on the 25th October 2007 - "Advertising in the age of convergence"...

What is the conversation about?

Advertising in the age of convergence will look at how new technologies are affecting the advertising industry. At a time where internet advertising spend is now twice the size of outdoor advertising and consumer magazines, and three times the size of radio advertising, how will advertisers adapt their strategies and business models to ensure revenue?

What solutions can new technologies provide? How should companies get their message across, now that people consume across platforms, away from broadcast schedules and on the move? All of these questions and more will be addressed by our panel of experts and our interested conversationalists.

Who is leading the conversation?

The conversation will be chaired by Ved Sen and will begin with an experts' take on the market before the debate is opened out. The experts are:

  • John Woodget - UK MD of Intel
  • Jonathon Collett - Director of Communications - The Advertising Association
  • Charlie Horrell - CEO - Packetvision
  • Dean Donaldson - Business Development Manager  - eyeblaster
  • Adrian Swift - Director of Television - etv
  • Nicolas Roope - Co Founder - Poke London

Who can attend?

The experts and the interested.

When and where?

Thursday 25 October 2007, 5.30pm drinks, 6.00pm start, 8pm finish.  From there on, the last Thursday of every month.

Intellect, Russell Square House, 10-12 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5EE.

How do I register?

To register for this event reply to sam.ingleby@intellectuk.org or call 02073312161. To read more about the convergence conversations visit:


Sam Ingleby
Digital Communications Programme Manager

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