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Social analytics on CIPR TV – with Connie Bensen, Emily Dent and Marcel LeBrun

Regular readers know that social analytics is a subject close to my heart. And would you believe it, my ebook on the matter, The Social Web Analytics eBook 2008, still gets downloaded a thousand times a month. I also made sure to include a section on social analytics in my book of course (out this month in the UK and shortly in the US), listing twelve primary characteristics of the services to assist in your organisation's tool selection and procurement.

Well yesterday's CIPR TV was on the topic of social analytics, and Russell and I were delighted to have Alterian's Connie Bensen and NMIncite's Emily Dent join us on the sofa. We also managed to interleave a three minute interview I grabbed with Radian6 CEO Marcel LeBrun at last week's Radian6 Social2011 conference.

Check it out:

CIPR TV featuring the High Priest of Publicity, Mark Borkowski

Wadds and I benefited once again from the excellent work of the team at Markettiers4dc and another great guest this show, Mark Borkowski, MD of the eponymous Borkowski. Not exactly renowned for being a wallflower, Mark tells it how he sees it. We had some great questions submitted live via Twitter, and to be honest we could have chatted for twice the time!

My favourite comment relates to the attentiveness of advertising account managers to their clients needs. The quote won't pass you by :-)

The 1st CIPR TV show

CIPR TV is underway!

I co-presented the first show this afternoon at 5pm with Stephen Waddington (@wadds) and, despite the novice presenters, two aspects worked really well. First up, Paul Mylrea was a fantastic guest. The BBC's Head of Press and Media Communications, and the CIPR's 2011 President, Paul was never stuck for an interesting and articulate response to a wide range of questions spanning public sector PR, reputation washing, graduate recruitment and internships, diversity, the CIPR's response to the ASA's misguided stance towards social media, and his plans for the CIPR next year.

And our second advantage was simply working with the highly professional markettiers4dc team. Thanks guys for making us feel like we were in safe hands!

Bookmark www.cipr.tv and track #ciprtv too.

And join us again at 5pm on the 29th when we'll be quizzing Mark Borkowski on all aspects of publicity, how his work best integrates into the marketing mix, and his comments on the latest news, roaring campaign successes and, perhaps, analysis of when things don't quite go to plan. But I'm most looking forward to grilling Mark on the repositioning of his firm:

Borkowski has evolved into something new for the digital age - an agency dealing with brand truths and the empowerment of the individual, changing Public Relations into Public Conversations.