A few days after I posted the succinctly titled "There is no such thing as a Twitter Strategy but you should have clear expectations for your corporate Twitter profile", B.L. Ochman posted "Top 10 Reasons Your Company Probably Shouldn't Tweet" on the Ad Age DigitalNext blog.

Right up there at number 1:

You think using Twitter is a social-media strategy. It's a tactic, a tool, not a strategy.

Now my post elicited some responses via Twitter (@sheldrake) questioning my definition of the word "strategy". So for clarity... your social Web strategy is the long-term "how" that follows the "what" of your social Web objectives.

I also agree with number 2 on the Ad Age post... if "every tweet has to be approved by legal" then your organisation is not ready for the social Web let alone little old Twitter. (I'd also argue that your business most likely isn't ready to do business in 2009!) Read more