The third convergence conversation of 2008 will look at the impact that new bandwidth intensive services are placing on the UK's broadband infrastructure.

I'm delighted to be chairing the event, and we'll kick off with the following speakers:

  • Angus Flett - BT Wholesale
  • Geoffrey Spencer - Nortel
  • Antony Walker - Broadband Stakeholder Group
  • Bill Gash - Partners in TV
  • Mike Aigner - Geo Networks
  • Chris Barraclough - STL Partners

What's the topic?

Recent rumblings from ISPs have highlighted the fact that new bandwidth intensive on demand services are placing an enormous strain on ISPs' "all you can eat" business model. The BBC's iPlayer alone has already enjoyed rapid uptake with over 17 million programmes streamed or downloaded in the first seven weeks following its Christmas day launch. Read more