PRredefined Vol I

In my recent post, The social business mutuality stack, I describe PR theory as the foundation for social business. (You might like to read the post if your understanding of PR is what might be described as mainstream – yes, PR has a reputation problem!) Given the import, I added that I'd joined a new initiative to kick the tyres of PR theory and make sure it's fit for purpose in the 21st Century.

The initiative, #PRredefined, launches today and has a bold ambition – to stimulate and lead the way in new thinking about the theory and practice of public relations, and the first in the corresponding series of ebooks is published today, #PRredefined Vol I. (For Kindle and Kindle apps. Otherwise.)

It features new definitions for public relations, challenges much of what constitutes current PR theory, and provides insights and ideas to enable the profession to harness revolutions in neuroscience, psychology, technology, communications, brand thinking and complexity theory. It includes contributions from:

  • Helio Fred Garcia, Executive Director at Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership
  • Christophe Ginisty, President IPRA 2013, Creator and Organizer, ReputationWar Conference
  • Andy Green, CIPR Outstanding PR Person of Year, Author, Speaker, Trainer
  • Professor Anne Gregory, Chair Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Tim Traverse-Healy OBE, Hon FIPR, FIPA, DIPCAM, FRSA
  • Rizwan Sharif, Senior Lecturer Public Relations at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
  • Chris Skinner, Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
  • Dan Tisch, former Chair Global Alliance, President at Argyle Communications
  • Stephen Waddington, CIPR President 2014, and Digital and Social Media Director, Ketchum Europe
  • Dr. Jon White, Consultant, Visiting Professor, Henley Business School
  • Paul Willis, Director, Centre for Public Relations Studies at Leeds Business School
  • and me.

Anyone wanting to contribute their ideas, insights or opinions is invited to do so at the G+ community you can find at