BRANDiD + Meanwhile + Seedcamp

Here’s some rather good news to lift some of that post-Olympic blues. The BRANDiD team has won gold, literally.

Hundreds of starters were whittled down during recent Seedcamp heats to a couple of dozen top performers. Reading the track perfectly and running a very good race indeed, BRANDiD crossed the finishing line to take its rightful place on the Seedcamp podium – just one of three to make it through the London event. The Seedcamp announcement has just gone live.

It’s been six months since we first blogged about our work with BRANDiD, and we’ve been working hard in the Meanwhile gym since then refining our game. And it feels great to take things to the Seedcamp level.

As you may recall, BRANDiD is an online subscription service for all the things men need, starting with designer basics such as underwear, socks, tees and shirts from the likes of Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren. Seedcamp is “Europe's leading micro-seed investment fund and mentoring program.” The Seedcamp family has grown to 70 of Europe's most promising startups since its launch in 2007. You can find out what BRANDiD’s founders make of the experience over on their blog.

Commenting on today’s news, BRANDiD co-founder and CEO Ankush Sehgal said: “The Seedcamp team clearly believes we have the potential to grow a valuable brand in coming years, or perhaps they’re all in need of some new pants. We like to think it’s a bit of both.”

Meanwhile has played its part in BRANDiD’s success, specifically in terms of branding and business model development. Pushed to say something nice about Meanwhile, Ankush continued: “Meanwhile – yes – they rock.”

BRANDiD cheat notes

  • Subscription designer essentials for men
  • Specifically designed from the pixel up for the way men want to shop – no hassle, no fuss, no fluff
  • The convenience of subscription without the commitment – change up, ease back or walk away any time
  • We learn what customers like with our Masculine Algorithmic Learning Engine™ (MALE™)
  • No quibble Return Like A Man™ policy
  • Check it out at

Ankush Sehgal / 07739 070 851 / / @4nkush