I thought I'd highlight some great contributions on the subject of mobile in today's MarCom Professional Friday Roundup, and then point you to an event covering a topic close to my heart, social Web analytics (my ebook on the topic is here).

So, first up, the ever vigilant Andrew Grill always points his readers to useful stuff. This time it's the latest publication from Bena Roberts at GoMo News, a collection of insightful essays on all things mobile.

And David Knowles aims to inject a dose of realism into the iPhone app craze. If you're intent on getting an app out there, here's what you should know about what's working and what isn't.

Monitoring Social Media 09 is bringing together social media monitoring experts and suppliers with PR and marketing professionals for a one-day conference in London on 17th November 2009. Speakers from Nielsen Buzzmetrics, Market Sentinel, Brandwatch, Edelman, The Conversation Group, and the UK's #1 PR blogger, Neville Hobson, will be discussing issues such as ROI, sentiment analysis, reputation management, infuence detection and data quality. (There's an early bird ticket until 17th Oct.)

I'll see you there.

Best regards, Philip and the MarCom Professional team.

Surprise & Delight: Powderfinger's Twitter Campaign Builds Buzz for New Album

by Trevor Young PR Warrior of Parkyoung

One of Australia's biggest-selling rock bands Powderfinger yesterday turned guerrilla marketing into an art form, performing three free concerts in the hearts of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne...all on the one day!The cool thing Twitter was the only promotional channel the band used to get the word out. Fans did the rest in hyping the performances and the crowds followed.

The band started seeding the idea of the triple date tour earlier in the week, but held off giving too much away. Then, half an hour before each gig, they revealed where they would be playing, thus sending Twitter into a flutter. More...

When social media meets mobile – a perfect match?

by Andrew Grill of London Calling

This post looks at taking social media mobile and how the growth in social networks will drive mobile internet usage.

You can’t help noticing how fast social networks are growing around the world, and with the two that get the most press lately – Facebook and Twitter, the real question is what does the explosion of social networks mean for mobile?

With twitter it used to be “What are you doing?” but with the explosion of mobile services, it has rapidly become “What are you doing and where are you doing it?”  More...

Interaction in Advertising – New White Paper from eModeration

by Tia Fisher of eModeration Blog

We’ve just published our latest white paper, Interaction in Advertising, which is summarised below. The paper examines how advertising is evolving from a one-way communicative process (the advertiser telling the consumer what they should be thinking), to a more collaborative, engaging format where brand and consumer communicate with an open dialogue.

The paper discusses examples of campaigns that are putting interaction in advertising into practice and highlights the risks and benefits of the developing trend. More...

Social media consultants: A call to action

by Brian Solis of PR 2.0

Guest post by Jennifer Leggio, Read her blog | Follow her on Twitter
Source: Shutterstock

If you’re dubbed a social media expert these days it’s almost like getting marked for professional death. It’s become even more popular to deny social media expertise as it has to claim faux expertise. Which means that the snake oiliest of the social media expert types have tried to give themselves a bit more oomph: they use the term consultant.

Social media expertise in general has become a joke, sadly, as there really are people out there who understand social media and how it relates to business. More...

GoMo News magazine showcases mobile thought leadership

by Andrew Grill of London Calling

Bena Roberts and the team at GoMo news asked thought leaders in the mobile space to share a mix of insight, due diligence and perception with us. What they got was a number of razor sharp articles piercing the heart of the mobile marketing, mobile advertising, barcode and mobile search space. The resulting essays in mobile hope to make a difference, and can be read and enjoyed, studied, torn apart and used by vendors, workers, students and competitors to benchmark ideas or innovation. More...

David Letterman gets in front of the news

by David Meerman Scott of David Meerman Scott

American television personality David Letterman used his Late Show on October 1 to confess to an extortion attempt from someone threatening to expose affairs that Letterman had with staffers. I'll leave commentary about the tawdry aspects of this to the thousands of other people who are weighing in with opinions on the sex angle. However, I do want to comment on the way that Letterman has chosen to handle the disclosure.

Getting in front of a media crisis

The public heard about the affairs and the blackmail attempt from David Letterman himself first. More...

London says welcome to Foursquare!

by Ben Matthews of Pudding Relations

Mass excitment in the 33 Digital office today as it was announced that Foursquare had launched in London. As CNet reported:

“Through a tweet, Foursquare announced that it will be bringing the service to London this week. This is Foursquare’s second European city. Amsterdam was first, but London is a whole different animal. London is the top Twitter-using city in the world, so people may be open to a new social service like Foursquare.”

We’ve written about Foursquare before on the 33 Digital blog and Drew Benvie covered it in the run up to launch way back at the beginning of August, but if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, here’s an explanation from Foursqaure itself: More...

WPP’s Sorrell shares industry financial outlook at PRCA conference

by Stephen Waddington of Speed Communications

Image via Wikipedia Sir Martin Sorrell was first to take the platform today and share his experience of the current climate for marketing services at the PRCA and CorpComms Conference at Mill Bank Tower, London.

“I don’t see a recovery. I’ll declare victory when year-to-year revenues are better, not less worse. Confidence needs to transfer into cheque signing,” said Sorrell.

“PR will be down like-for-like in 2009,” he said.

PRCA chairman and Ketchum boss David Gallagher was more upbeat. More...

How the Obama campaign worked with bloggers

by David Meerman Scott of David Meerman Scott

On Election Day 2008, an amazing 25 percent of Barack Obama voters were already directly linked to him through social media, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites according to The Nation. Putting aside politics and just considering the election from a marketing standpoint, I am absolutely convinced that Obama won the U.S. presidential election because he was the candidate who most strongly embraced new marketing. Way back before he even declared himself a candidate, Obama and his staff and volunteers jumped into the online world. More...

What Brands Need to Know About Marketing with Mobile Apps

by David Knowles of

Nearly two years after its release, it seems as though iPhones are becoming overloaded with gimmicky apps that get deleted after only two days. And this is particularly true when the app has been created as part of a marketing campaign. Last year I commented on why iPhone apps were at the top of many brands’ Christmas wish list. Ever since Stanley Works released their virtual spirit level, brands have been pumping out mobile apps on an industrial scale. To be fair, it’s easy to understand why. More...

Introducing The Social Compass

by Brian Solis of PR 2.0

An excerpt from my next book…

A compass is a device for discovering orientation and serves as a true indicator of physical direction.

Inspired by a moral compass, The Social Compass serves as our value system when defining our program activities. It points a brand in a physical and experiential direction to genuinely and effectively connect with customers, peers, and influencers, where they interact and seek guidance online.

The Compass features the artistic talents of Jesse Thomas and JESS3 the team that helped me bring The Conversation Prism to life. More...

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