It has been a busy year for me with my departure from Racepoint Group following my so-called "transition period" and my setting up a new consultancy. So apologies for the delay in getting back on the topic of the Influence Scorecard.

It hasn't been far from my mind, particularly following the oodles of positive feedback in January and February, and believe you me, I'm intent on taking up your expressions of interest to meet before the year is out to take this forward. I want to collaborate with you. I want to find the most forward thinking social Web analytics vendors and forward thinking CMOs to put this into action, and commence the empirical fine tuning of the approach.

Most encouragingly, I have had fourteen companies in the social Web analytics space express their intent to get involved.

So I'm leaping back into it with a SlideShare presentation. It's concise. It's an outline, and focuses on the what rather than the how.

Do let me know what you think. (For those unfamiliar with the SlideShare embed below, you might like to know that clicking the little icon that looks like a presentation screen will make the presentation go full screen for ease of viewing.)

But one last thing before you take a look, I'm also trying to fix the when and where of the meetup. Current thinking is New York in October or November, but let me know if you have any other preferences... especially if you'd like to host us or sponsor the venue!


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Update 3rd July 2009: see "The first Influence Scorecard meeting".