Two weeks ago, I posted about the fast paced field of Social Web Analytics. I presented a definition of these tools, expressed my intent to write an ebook on the technology and the main vendors, and listed the vendors I intend to cover...

I also invited anyone with experience of wielding these tools to get in touch so I can include comment and insight from them.  This invitation is still open.

What's really interesting however is that only two of the vendors have got in touch to volunteer their full cooperation in my analysis.  This may be because I had previously sent everyone a 52 question questionnaire and they may have thought I'd had my due dose of attention!... but they didn't know, as I didn't then, of my intention to write up and publish my findings (non-disclosure agreements permitting).

Have their own systems flagged up my post for their attention?  Are they living their own story about brand tracking for influence?  Will their tools bring this post to their attention to compel them to get in touch?  I'll let you know in my ebook :-)